Frette x Elizabeth Sutton

Since 1860, Frette has produced luxury Italian linens. From its bases in Monza and Milan, Frette only uses the finest materials and most skilled artisans. Frette bed linens can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious hotels, from Claridge’s to The Peninsula, as well as in the most discerning private homes, yachts and air crafts.

To help you turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary, Frette’s Lead Stylist Jen Foley shares tips on how to style your bed and how to create an immaculate linen closet.

How to style your bed:

  • DUVET: Take the duvet cover out of the dryer (do not over dry).
  • Fill with your duvet filler.
  • Pull all the way up on the bed with equal drops on either side.
  • Use a water bottle and spray down the duvet generously, while smoothing out the top with your hand and let dry. The wrinkles will magically disappear.
  • For a classic look, tuck in the bottom of the duvet leaving the sides out. This creates a neat partial hospital corner.
  • For a more modern look, tuck the bottom and the sides of the duvet with a clean full hospital corner.

How to create an immaculate linen closet:

  • Fold towels all the same with borders aligned
  • BATH TOWELS: Turn bath towels horizontally, fold them in half and then in half again. Fold the 2 ends to meet in the middle then close like a book.
  • HAND TOWELS: Turn hand towels horizontally and then fold into thirds. Turn vertical and fold in thirds.
  • WASHCLOTHS: Fold washcloths in half and then in thirds.  When stacking in the closet make sure to put all like sizes together and line up the side borders.
  • DUVET COVERS: Lay on a flat surface, fold in half and then in thirds. Look at the shelf depth and fold accordingly keeping the side borders lined up.
  • SHEET SETS: We recommend making sheet set bundles. The top sheet is folded in half, in half again, then in half again. Then turn horizontally and fold the 2 ends into the middle, then in half on top of each other set aside. For bottom sheets, fold in half lining up the corner seams and pockets. Fold into thirds and then turn horizontally and fold the 2 ends to meet in the middle, then on top of each other and set on top of the top sheet.  For pillow cases turn vertically and fold in half and then in half again then turn and fold half and stack onto one end your top and bottom sheet stack.  As a last step, fold the end of your stack over the cases and make sure the borders align. The perfect sheet set bundle!

To discover Frette bed and bath linens visit or find your nearest Frette boutique.

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