Dreams Come True – TileBar LAUNCHES TODAY!

I can’t believe the day is finally here. I met TileBar back in October. Hustled myself a deal after convincing the CEO Eli Mechlowitz to give me an opportunity. Signed the largest deal of my career to date in December. Designed that ???? OVERNIGHT (nailed the scale and pattern first try #skills) with the graphic help of one of my main chicks Rachel Goatley – 3 water jet marble collections with brass detailing, focused on scale, pattern, texture, color, depth, perspective, and teaching an extremely important design concept – how color contrast will affect EVERYTHING in ways you don’t realize. We went to show by March with our 1st round of samples where the TileBar booth WON BEST IN SHOW at the Architectural Digest Design Show. Boom. Then what happened next? My manager, Rea, and I flew out to join the TileBar team at the HD Expo in Las Vegas, the largest hospitality convention in the country. Guess what??? While on my way to receive my POWER Magazine ‘Rising Star’ award, I got one of the best calls of my life from Eli, who was still at the show. Out of MILLIONS of designs and with only 16 product categories, We WON BEST IN SHOW for applied finishing (ANYTHING THAT GOES ON A WALL) SPECIFICALLY FOR MY COLLECTIONS. Again!!! That actually happened. It wasn’t a dream, though actually it was indeed. A dream that came true.

SOUL | Pattern #9


I’ve had the incredible Editor-In-Chief of Luxe Magazine, Pam Jaccarino, one of the premiere design publications in the world, in my studio, viewing my art and promising to write up the tile collections. I’ve had literally my favorite interior designer in NY, Michelle Gerson, already tell me she will be using my butterfly tiles in 3 rooms in the Luxe-worthy apartment she’s designing for one of her best clients. Pinch me.

The day has finally come. LAUNCH! My first collection hitting TileBar tomorrow – the ‘Arc Collection’, available in 5 color ways. This collection focuses very much on patterning – it creates endless possibilities which actually made it VERY challenging to create all the marketing/sales so we can explain it to the consumer as it even blew my mind and I’m the one who created it. The tile is complex, like its designer ????

I never could’ve imagined the art this tile would create. Which is how our hashtag got its label – #TILEISART.

The other design lesson I’m trying to teach with the ‘Arc Collection’ – how playing with colors and contrast greatly affects the depths the same pattern creates in each unique color way. GUYS!!! GO CHECK IT OUT.

Proud moment. Blessed. Now it’s time to sell, sell, sell but with the list I’ve already built with inquiries and @tilebar’s 250 person team, I have complete faith. Let’s create beautiful homes and make it rain!!!!!!



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