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Collaboration with JANOVIC – The Largest Paint Supplier in New York

OMG!!! What a day!!! What an honor!!! I still can’t believe I was chosen by Janovic, the largest paint supplier in New York and the largest Benjamin Moore distributor in the world, to collaborate on 5 exclusive color palettes. Janovic also happens to own the trademark, The Color Authority of New York, and as you know, colors and I have a love affair.

The collaboration was born when their team approached me as a color expert, after finding my MP Pool Party Project on social media. This was an incredible honor, beyond flattering. I genuinely believe that I manifested this deal as whenever I set to grow, I create very specific goals, one of which was to do a color collaboration with a paint company. When I received their call while in Miami, I couldn’t believe my ears.

The entire process was exciting, interesting and challenging, as there were so many facets beyond simply curating the palettes. It involved designing huge vinyl wrap artworks, creating artistic poster boards featuring the colors to be displayed in each store, creating interior design mockups utilizing the palettes, designing NYC bus stop ads, the list goes on and on. And trust me, it involved a lot of back and forth between the 3 brands – my team, Janovic, and Benjamin Moore.

So here I am today – launching Elizabeth Sutton x. Janovic, 5 curated and exclusive color palettes using 58 shades of Benjamin Moore paint colors. My goal with each palette was to ensure that the colors could be used together, through paint on the wall, decorative accents, furniture colors, etc. It was also important that the colors be versatile – I chose colors that can be used in all types of interiors – residential and hospitality – as well as in all types of rooms. Overall, the aim was very clear from the beginning – to educate people on  how to live with color, be it over the top or in small accents. Some people are afraid of color but adding color to your space adds life. Trust me, as someone who is surrounded by a rainbow studio all day – you can literally feel the ENERGY come from color. The inspiration behind each specific palette originated from on-going collaborations and existing artwork collections that are meaningful to me, as well as beautiful, of course. I am beyond grateful that I was given this opportunity to share my expertise and love for color with the world.


The Head in the Clouds color palette was inspired by my best selling, limited edition print, Head in the Clouds, and it is an amalgamation of the perfect hues and tones of the RGB color model, a signature within my work. The tones of Benjamin Moore I selected are soft, perfect for children’s rooms, dens, playrooms, bedrooms, and even as accent walls in more spacious areas. They are also a great fit for vacation homes and tropical climates.
The colors in this palette are energetic, playful and happy.

head in the clouds, color palettes, benjamin moore

soft paint tones for children room interior


This color palette was inspired by one of my favorite paintings ever, Earth Wind and Fire, based on an amazing photo I took in Costa Rica. The palette itself is different than that of most of my works and is extremely unique and calming. While brainstorming with the Janovic team on the different palettes I was to curate, I was actually in my studio staring at the background of this painting and thought to myself, “Wow, how incredible would these colors look when combined as accent walls and trims.” This palette is so sophisticated that I chose to use it to paint my first ever hundred thousand dollar artwork, a custom-made pool table by Blatt Billiards. This pool table artwork is actually, in my opinion, the most beautiful and innovative creation I’ve ever contributed to this world. Truly one of a kind, and it evokes a feeling of ultimate luxury.
The colors in this palette are sophisticated, sexy and rich.

earth wind and fire, benjamin moore, janovic, color palettes, elizabeth sutton collection, elizabeth sutton for janovicvibrant paint tones for interior


This palette was inspired by my collaboration with the luxury hotel, The Eden Rock in St. Barth’s. While working with Janovic, I was also knee deep in creating limited edition and bespoke designs and artworks for the exclusive Eden Rock property. Their brand colors are vibrant, nautical and perfect for any summer home and intrinsically evoke feelings of summer, the beach, and the ocean. Of course, I wanted to make the palette my own, so I used the blue and red basis to come up with a combination that could fit the style of summer homes across the world. I added beautiful aquas and sea-foams to complete the palette. The palette itself reminds me of the shades of the sky, beautiful tones of the Caribbean Ocean and of vibrant reds which complement the tones. Individually, the colors are timeless, not seasonal and can add a lot of punch as accent walls.
The colors in this palette are vibrant, lively and nautical.

earth wind and fire, benjamin moore, janovic, color palettes, elizabeth sutton collection, elizabeth sutton for janovic

vibrant paint tones for interior


The Autumn Allure palette was inspired by my first ever leather accessories collection set to launch within weeks of my Janovic collaboration. Clearly, these colors are sacred to me, as I chose them to launch one of the most important endeavors of my career. The colors remind me of the beautiful tones found in the transition of nature from summer to fall – rich and deep emeralds, deep blues, navies, cognacs, plum, and shades of beige – all colors fit for a royalty. Envision a beautiful Benjamin Moore emerald paint on a wall with a cognac throw blanket, cream pillows, and fresh purple florals. Glamorous as can be. The beauty of my palettes is that you can use all the colors together to create the entire room’s décor scheme. Also, a different color can be used in each room to create the perfect palette for the home overall.
The colors in this palette are mature, timeless and saturated.

autumn allure, benjamin moore, janovic, color palettes, elizabeth sutton collection, elizabeth sutton for janovic


This palette was inspired by my theme within my artwork, Shades of Grey. It was a commentary on my belief that life is not black and white, never simple and easygoing, but complex and often confusing, metaphorically – shades of grey. Additionally, as much as I love color of course, there are definitely people who are afraid of color or are color averse. I wanted my palettes to appeal to everyone, and Shades of Grey is just the fit for those who prefer more muted shades on their walls and overall, in their home. Greys can be created using undertones of yellow, red or blue. Personally, my favorite greys have undertones of blue and this selection of beautiful hues, tones and shades all work together magically.

earth wind and fire, benjamin moore, janovic, color palettes, elizabeth sutton collection, elizabeth sutton for janovic

earth wind and fire, benjamin moore, janovic, color palettes, elizabeth sutton collection, elizabeth sutton for janovic

Each collaboration I do provides a unique experience. I must admit, the overall work, thought, time, and creativity that went in to this project was next-level. Meshing 3 strong brands with their own identities took teamwork, communication, deadlines, and compromise – all skills vital to a growing business. It took a lot of thinking and re-thinking, mixing and matching, and balancing trying to figure out exactly what consumers want, while presenting them with solutions to help make the daunting task of selecting of 4,000 colors a bit easier. Especially when choosing multiple paint colors for various rooms, it is essential for design integrity that colors, hues, and tones all work together, and with so many options, that’s definitely not the easiest task for those who are not necessarily artists themselves. For me, as an ‘expert with color’, choosing the palettes was the easy part. The real work came in conceptualizing and designing all the various elements of the collaboration. It involved re-coloring existing artworks in my new color palettes, designing and creating bus advertisements which will be featured on New York City bus stops throughout Manhattan, as well as creating art inspired poster boards featuring each palette that will be prominently placed in Janovic 10 New York City retail locations as well as mocking-up interiors using my complete schemes in order to educate consumers on how to introduce these colors (Benjamin Moore) into their home. Additionally, my artworks will be featured on the facades of four of Janovic’s New York City buildings including two 45 ft. murals in Yorkville (3rd Ave. at 84th St.) and Hell’s Kitchen (10th Ave. and the corner of 52nd St.), as well as murals in Chelsea (7th Ave. between 22nd and 23rd St.) and Long Island City (Thomson Ave. at 30th Place).

What am I most excited about with this collaboration? Literally EVERYTHING. For people to use my palettes in their homes. But seriously, I can’t wait to see my artworks put on huge 45’ walls in NYC, going up today!! And oh yeah, I’m about to have many Carrie Bradshaw moments. I don’t remember the last time I took the bus, but I’m about to start!!!

chelsea, benjamin moore, janovic, color palettes, elizabeth sutton collection, elizabeth sutton for janovic

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