Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming our way and I am receiving DMs daily about what I would recommend as the perfect gift. I would always recommend my favorites of course, but since everyone’s taste is different, I am putting together a holiday gift guide categorized by age and budget to guide your selection process. I hope this will help you do as little thinking as possible and make quicker and more personalized choices.

For the hostess

1. Drawer Pulls Dare to be different by gifting my brand new, bespoke butterfly drawer pulls. To be honest, these drawer pulls are possibly my favorite product. I don’t know why. Couldn’t tell you. They’re just so different. Such an unexpected gift that will DEFINITELY get put to use because who wouldn’t use these to spruce up any piece of furniture. These jewelry-like knobs are chic, unique, and timeless.


2. Tablescape DreamThe holiday season is the ideal time of year to gift these, with so many dinners to host from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Chanukah to NYE… mix and match designs to create a set or buy one pack as a hostess gift instead of the typical bottle of wine (boring) or flowers. As part of my holiday gift guide I recommend my favorite combo sets: Flying Upwards + Indigo Orchid; Marilyn Charger + Bought Me A Bouquet charger. I also love Midnight Rising, it is beautiful.

Under $100

1. Set of 4 nickel or brass drawer pulls Purchase a set of four drawer pulls for $98 and save. Spruce up any nightstand set, or style any piece of furniture that needs an update. Again, so different, really unique. These will definitely get put to use.

2. Luggage tag This is a gift for the jet set, and great for any man or woman. An easy go to for someone with particular taste whom you are not sure what to buy. Also great for a person you do not know that well, since everyone travels with a luggage tag. Ideal for grab bags. Fantastic idea for co-workers. Plus, this is the time of year that everyone is on the go, so keep this in mind.


For Her (Under 30)

1. Rainbow starburst clutch The essential element of my holiday gift guide. By far my best selling and signature clutch, this design is a conversation starter wherever you take her. Anyone who receives this rainbow clutch will be happy, because this glittery accessory sends out good vibes, it puts a smile on the face. A timeless and stylish clutch that goes with almost every gift guide, holidays, gifts for holidays, holiday gift

2. Butterfly clutch Either in pink if you prefer something more feminine, or navy if you prefer something more neutral, this trademark ESC butterfly clutch is youthful yet sophisticated.

3. Vibes clutch Looking only for good vibes this holiday season. If the person you are purchasing the gift for is beach bound during Christmas, the ESC glittery ‘Vibes’ clutch is sure to catch eyes.

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4. Multicolor butterfly strap Another holiday gift guide showstopper. A bag strap which is sure to get complimented, and the beauty is that it can be worn with any bag that has a removable strap. Plus, think outside the box and gift this to your friend who is always snapping pics, this strap can double as a camera strap. So different. I can guarantee that people will stop you in the street to compliment your strap.

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5. A timeless, multipurpose and reversible belt I am just going to select my three favorites for this holiday gift guide to make it easier to choose, because I know so many options can be overwhelming. My favorite solid combo: navy and cognac. My favorite chevron combo: navy and cream or 6 color multicolor. My favorite triple stripe combo: plum, mauve, cognac.

6. Saddle bag I’m really digging the monochrome trend these days, and the plum option is the perfect rich hue.

holiday gift guide, holidays, gifts for holidays, holiday gift

7. Limited Edition Prints There is absolutely no better way to add life and energy to your home around the holidays than to incorporate new art onto your walls. My favorite prints that are out now – ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Destined For Greatness’.

holiday gift guide, holidays, gifts for holidays, holiday gift

For Her (Above 30)

1. Black & white Starburst A color combo perfect for any black tie and cocktail affair. This clutch will add a touch of chic sophistication and glam to any little black dress.

2. Pearl & Gold Starburst My new favorite color combo, a must to be included in my holiday gift guide, these neutral colors literally match everything and anything, so it is a choice you cannot go wrong on.

3. Cognac, mauve & beige saddle bagSimply timeless, this color combo will match almost all Fall tones.

4. Brown & cream reversible belt A fantastic staple belt which will suit any wardrobe.

holiday gift guide, holidays, gifts for holidays, holiday gift

5. Triple stripe plum, mauve, cream belt This unique belt is perfect for the woman who likes to set trends, not follow them.

6. Colorway chevron strap Sophisticated colors with a classic design.

7. Limited Edition Prints You are probably wondering which limited edition prints are my favorite for a woman? ‘My Golden Angel’, ‘Earned Beauty’, and ‘Hanging on by a Limb’, not only because of their aesthetic beauty but because the inspirations behind the artworks themselves are strong, feminine, and relatable. When adding art to a home, the messages the works send out are extremely important.

For Him

1. Luggage tag Love the black weave and the cognac croc embossed combos. Very masculine and luxe looking.

holiday gift guide, holidays, gifts for holidays, holiday gift

2. Limited Edition Prints Art is all about an individual’s personality. Whether buying for someone pious, or someone who has a passion for cars, these prints are my top picks of limited edition prints for men: ‘First Time Ride,’ ‘Goodbye Forever’, ‘New York Born and Raised’, ‘My Deepest Prayers’, ‘The Rebbe’.

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