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For the course of the past sixteen months my team and I have been working tirelessly to develop and perfect the Elizabeth Sutton Collection leather bags, belts, bag straps and additional accessories. All these products are handmade in Mexico City. Luckily, I now get to travel to Mexico City 4-6 times a year to oversee production, which is such an added bonus because it is an incredible city. I don’t always have so much time to explore during the day, but I definitely have enjoyed the nightlife and restaurant scene.

Whenever I am there, I get a ton of questions as to where I am staying, eating and my favorite things to do there, so, I decided to put together a quick guide for you guys.


In a nutshell, the best things about Mexico City are its food, nightlife, and overall culture.

The food is actually some of the tastiest food I’ve had in the world. You can find all different culinary pursuits in this city, from Mexican, to Italian, to Japanese, and regardless of the cuisine I tasted, it was delicious. Definitely a city to go to if you are a true foodie. Supposedly you’re supposed to try food truck fast food but I’m still too weary. Maybe in the future.

My other favorite thing about Mexico City is the amazing night life. I am usually a big time grandma and never go out unless it’s for a work event, but when in Mexico City I totally let myself have fun and let loose. I might have been Hispanic in a past life, because the music there is totally my jam. I get carried away by the good vibes. There is amazing dancing in clubs and bars and I’d say it’s second to New York as the city that never sleeps.

Mexico City

Regarding the culture, the few chances I did have to explore Mexico City during the day were beautiful. I got a chance to walk through the streets of Polanco and some of Mexico City’s beautiful parks which are definitely a highlight. Bearing in mind that Mexico City is very large, the places where I usually stay are near The W Hotel Mexico City by Marriott, which is my main exploration zone, and definitely the safest neighbourhood. You need to be careful and know where you are going in Mexico City, as some neighbourhoods are safe while others are not. My favorite museum – Frida Kahlo. And supposedly, they have one of the greatest children’s museums in the world.

Mexico City is great for those on a budget, as it is affordable, relatively speaking. A meal that you would pay $150 in New York, you would pay $50 in Mexico. Big plus.

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The culture is amazing, the people are extremely humble, polite, helpful and friendly and the service fantastic.

Check out the list I have prepared for you guys. Personally, I have tried many of these places, while others are recommendations from people who most definitely know what they are talking about.

Here is the itinerary of my last trip:

Day 1:
W Hotel Mexico City by Marriott
– Dinner at Blanco Castelar and drinks at the bar upstairs after-

Day 2:
– Dinner at Rosa Negra-
– Club- Repùblica Club, find them on Facebook at República Del Distrito Club Polanco
– Club- Discotheque! Gay Bar

Day 3:
– Lunch at Contra Mar-
– Frida Kahlo Museum- 
– Dinner at Nativo Restaurant- no website but you can book a table through open table-

Mexico City, Travel, Inspiration, Mexico City travel

There are endless things to do, eat, and see in Mexico City, which I never got around to exploring. Here is a list of the recommendations I received from friends who know the best of the best and I will definitely try them on my next trip back:

 Breakfast and Lunch
– Lalo for breakfast across street/same owner from Maximo-
– Tacos El Turix – very small and no place to eat it but great – no website
– El Cardinal- get the hot chocolate-
– Azul Historico – best tortilla soup-
– La Docena – great lunch or dinner seafood-
– Los Limosneros-
– El Califa Tacos-
– Merkabah- israeli food-
– Contramar – lunch YUM-
– Lardo-
– San Angel Inn (lunch or breakfast); the whole area is like 600 years old monastery with amazing mansions-
– Rosetta (French Italian)-
– Quintonil (tasting and a la carte)-
– Dulce patria-
– Carlota hotel (breakfast)-
– Sud777 (fancy tasting)-

– Emilio’s-
– La 20-
– Rosa Negra-
– Mochomos-
– Buena barra- website down but can book a table through opentable –
– Villa azur-
– Maximo bistro for dinner-
– Pujol – fancy dinner-
– La capital restaurant for dinner-
– Rosetta – italian dinner-

– Gin Gin bar-
– Jules Basement- bar-
– Casa Awolly- find on Instagram
– Mama Rumba (salsa club)- find on Facebook
– Hotel Parque Rooftop Bar-
– Xaman (pronounced shaman) – bar in juarez-
– Limontour – cool bar –


Frida Museum is very important but you need to get tickets ahead of time – MUST-
– Casa del Obispo craft store same day as Frida Museum- no website
– Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo –
– Anthropology Museum-
– Polanco – fancy area with highend stores- no website
– Contramar-
– Chapultepec Park and Castle-
– Museo Jumex-
– Museo Soumaya-

Please do send feedback, which are your favorites and why. I am looking forward to your inputs!

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