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Spicy Margarita with Jalapeños

Tequila is definitely my preference of alcohol and the spicy margarita is for sure my go to, no matter what bar or restaurant I’m at. It is my number one staple as I of course love me a little kick, as if you couldn’t guess.

This summer, spicy margarita was a Hampton favorite, a beverage I even got my sister hooked on. I always prepare or order mine with salt around the rim, but margaritas can be adjusted to personal preferences, with or without salt. For a spicier version, add the seeds and muddle the jalapeños, to reduce heat, remove the seeds and simply insert sliced jalapeños. You can also do a skinnier version without sugar or a sweeter or sourer margarita by adding more syrup or lime. And the best part? You can tailor it to your liking and almost never go wrong!

Get a pitcher or two ready in no time and surprise your guests with a refreshing, tasty and beautifully decorated welcome drink!

Spicy Margarita with Jalapeños

(8 servings)
– 15 oz PATRON SILVER TEQUILA (or any other brand)
– 8 oz simple syrup
– 1 ½ cups lime juice
– 2 cups seltzer
– 2 cups crushed ice
– 3 jalapeños
– margarita salt (optional)
– 1 lime (for decoration)

Slice jalapeños vertically, remove seeds and chop. Combine all ingredients except ice in a pitcher. Muddle mixture to release flavors and add ice to beverage. When ready to serve, rim glasses with lime wedges and dip in margarita salt (or regular kosher salt). Pour spicy margarita in glasses.

Tip: You guys know I love color, so here’s a tip with color! For an impressive yet beautiful look, place the margarita salt into four plates. Add food coloring to each plate of salt (i.e. red, yellow, blue, green) and then rim each glass. You will get a rainbow of colored glasses with drinks! If you are not a fan of food coloring, you can do the same with vibrant spices like cayenne pepper for a hot version or curcuma.

Have you read my recipe for Cod Fish Tacos with Cilantro? They fit perfectly with a spicy margarita.

spicy margarita, margarita with salt, alcohol beverage with tequila

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