Bitcoin Conference Miami 2021, a Whale Day event

Thanks to having friends in the right places, my team and I had Whale passes to the recent Bitcoin Magazine Conference, the largest crypto conference ever held in the world. My entry into this sphere of crypto is a result of the recent NFT trend in the art world. As an intelligent business woman I like to educate myself on the markets and arenas I am entering, and crypto is not a language I am well versed in.

The Bitcoin Conference opened my eyes to an entire world of cryptocurrency and a lifestyle that exists. And not only does it exist, some of the world’s most innovative and successful people are heavily involved, so there must be something to it. What I learned is that it is almost about a belief in technology, and to a degree, going against the establishment and the corruption that exists

Right before we were leaving during pitch day my team and I stumbled upon a room filled with Whales including Kevin O’Leary, Tim Draper, and important people whose names I didn’t catch, all observing pitches of some of the most progressive and innovative startups within this specific field. A lot of it I didn’t understand, but as I am slowly receiving an education, I see that there is a lot to learn and crypto is here to stay.

This clip is a 360 degree view of me sitting and watching these pitches with David Lee, Kevin O’Leary, Paul Veradittakit, Oleg Mihalsky, Tim Draper, Christopher Calicott, Matt Roszak, and David Roebuck. Even though I don’t fully speak the language, and I’m not certain that I want to become fluent, I definitely know that I want to become conversational. Welcome to a room full of Whales.