Coronavirus, quarantine, coronavirus quarantine, COVID19, corona, Elizabeth sutton collection

Coronavirus Quarantine Testimonial

Hey All! I’d love to hear from you guys as to how you’re staying busy during the Coronavirus quarantine. These are truly unprecedented and challenging times, though it is a beautiful thing to see people band together as a community. How often will you experience a moment in time where pretty much everyone in the world is feeling the same thing? I’m going to say pretty much never. So, I’d love to hear about your quarantine experience. How are you keeping yourself productive as in – not losing your sanity? Self-love and compassion is very important during this time. I’d love to hear your answers to the following 4 questions.

Coronavirus, quarantine, coronavirus quarantine, COVID19, corona, Elizabeth sutton collection

Comment below:

  1. I am most grateful for…
  2. I’m losing my mind because…
  3. I accomplished … during quarantine.
  4. I can’t wait to … when life goes back to normal. 

I am most grateful for…
I am most grateful for the extra time with my kids, even though they are driving me crazy. I am most grateful for my family, especially my sister for letting me stay in her beautiful home during the Coronavirus quarantine, which is significantly larger than my own, and is definitely contributing to my sanity. I am grateful for my amazing team for sticking by my side, even though I had to let them go. And I am grateful for my friends, for being there for one another during such crazy times. Finally, I am extremely grateful for my creative talents – my art and my cooking – as they are helping calm my anxiety while the COVID19 is going on around us.

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I’m losing my mind because…
I’m losing my mind because I’ve lost a ton of money, my business that I’ve worked so hard to build has come to a (temporary) halt during the COVID19 and I feel as though I’ve let my team down though I know it’s not my fault. I’m finding it extremely difficult to stay fully productive and efficient during these circumstances while also attempting to be a semi-decent mother, cook for my family, and just keep everything in order. The struggle is real and I am letting my kids binge on their iPads way too much.

I accomplished…during Coronavirus quarantine
My team and I have accomplished a lot during Coronavirus quarantine. Huge shoutout to Rachel for helping me create 3 good will, free downloadable coloring books. We are receiving the most incredible feedback which is making my team and I feel good and it is definitely uplifting our spirits. Everyone is telling us how helpful they’ve been. I am super attentive to my blog, cooking multiple new recipes every day and releasing them one by one. I have been working on 3 paintings – my peacock and 2 different roses – during quarantine, and have conceptualized an entire COVID19 series that may or may not come to fruition one day. I’ve taken time to connect with several new contacts during the Coronavirus quarantine. My podcast team and I are back on getting that project up and running again, and we’ve secured our first lineup with four incredible guests and are diligently working on the scripts for the episodes. And most importantly, I am making serious headway on my investor deck that is going to be the greatest accomplishment of all once my team and I get it done! BOOM. Oh, and my 5 year old son learned to compute 3-digit math. WINNING.

Coronavirus, quarantine, COVID19, corona, Elizabeth sutton collection

I can’t wait to…when life goes back to normal
I can’t wait for the Coronavirus quarantine to  be over, to see all my friends and family and give them the biggest hugs and kisses without looking at them with death stares to keep away. I can’t wait to go for a freaking walk to that is longer than 2 blocks to Morton Williams. I can’t wait to go back to my rainbowland studio and see my ESC family and art team and give them humongous hugs and kisses when this is done. We are getting ready to make some seriously aggressive work moves when we return from this COVID19 disaster with all the pent-up energy we have. And I definitely can’t wait to finally get to St. Barth’s for my solo exhibition which will be rescheduled for later this year. Please, God willing, all of the above.

Have you read the ways in which I have been keeping busy during the Coronavirus quarantine?

Coronavirus, quarantine, coronavirus quarantine, COVID19, corona, Elizabeth sutton collection

Coronavirus, quarantine, coloring book, coloring outline, COVID19, corona, Elizabeth sutton collection

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