Elizabeth Sutton Leather Collection – The “Making-Of Moments”

There are many moments through this process that I’ll never forget.

The first moment I’ll never forget: When I walked into my atelier for the first time, into the room they created especially for me – a room dedicated to my leather collection, with my entire ESC design Bible printed and taped to the walls, along with completed samples. Then it was straight to hardcore business, making edits and all last-minute design decisions. Thread colors, logo embossing, edge paint choices, limited edition colorations, many decisions I wasn’t aware I had to make before launching my genuine leather handbags online. Then it was time to crunch numbers – calculating final costs per unit, quantities of each SKU for round one of production, and pricing decisions. The business. Once this was done, it came time for photo and video shoots, marketing materials, website preparation, blog prep, newsletters, you name it. And finally… the Elizabeth Sutton Leather Accessories Collection was born!

The second moment I’ll never forget: When I was handed my first ever sample of my first ever saddle bag. I held it like a baby. I cried tears of joy. Actually, it took me longer to birth this baby than it took me to birth my actual children.

This leather collection, along with my company in general, is my 3rd child. It takes constant nurturing and care. It is a never-ending job that goes from one need to the next and I love it and am grateful for it with all my heart and soul.

The third moment I’ll never forget: When my team arrived in Mexico City for yet another trip to oversee the end of production, to make sure everything was perfect for the launch of my genuine leather handbags online and print. What an experience – seeing my collection being created, all by hand, for the first time. We cut it so down to the wire with timing, to the point that the bags were literally delivered to me at the airport after Rachel and I had already checked in so I’d have them for my photoshoot. In fact, certain styles didn’t make it in time, so I will release them when I launch my belts soon.

And lastly, the fourth moment I’ll never forget: Shooting my first collection with my team and an entourage of incredible people – Peter Koloff for photos, and Vavavid for a behind the scenes video, my team and friends functioning as models, Lisa Mitchell hair extraordinaire, Dolly Assis glamming us out – it was absolute chaos. We lugged 4 suitcases and 3 hanging bags through Central Park, down Fifth Avenue, to Bergdorfs, The Plaza, and finally to my Janovic mural that was simultaneously being installed in Hell’s Kitchen. My highlights of the shoot – asking a hot dog stand vendor to let me use his electric plug so that Lisa could plug in her curling iron to touch up all our hair. That goes down for the books. Oh, and another highlight, pretty much changing in the streets of NYC – I’ve lived here my whole life and can firmly say that was a first for me. And lastly, asking some random handsome stranger in front of Bergdorfs to pose with me as a model because I thought we should have a picture with a man, and I got to kiss him on the cheek and hold his hand. I’m certain he thought I was crazy, but we got the shot (and I got his number :)).

So, what can you expect from the Elizabeth Sutton Leather Accessories Collection, my genuine leather handbags online, available NOW?Luxury, timelessness, and the perfect amalgamation of Fall inspired colors. Saddle bags with custom lining based on my famous Buy Yourself Roses painting, chic and unique bag straps, and reversible belts – all bearing my ESC trademark custom butterfly hardware plated in 24K gold.

Yes, I did it and you will love it!

Read more about the launch of my leather collection and the lessons I’ve learned.

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