ESC Year In Review

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2021 but I have to reflect on what brought me here today. I am a 6 generation New Yorker and I left my home for the first time in my life not to return like I would on a normal vacation. New York is in my blood. The hustle, the life, the energy, friends, family, everything.  I was quarantined in New York which was the epicenter of the virus. Once the riots hit and my team started to fall, New York felt like a war zone and I knew I had to leave for Miami.

Once my kids and I settled in Miami I was able to reorganize and save my business. I seriously thought Covid was going to kill my brand. Miami is full of bittersweet memories, but I am in the progress of making new ones. I am ready to make my mark in Miami and can’t wait to get fully acquainted.  I know my designs are going to fit in great here. The time, money, and energy spent on the move was worth it. Definitely missing New York and my family though. I am very  thankful for my team, family, and friends who supported me and my business this  year.

Although 2020 has been tough for the whole world it allowed me to focus on what matters to me most; my kids, my business, family, friends, and taking time for myself. If everything were still considered “normal” I would not have had time to slow down and reevaluate my life and business. This was necessary for growth and expansion.  I just wrapped up my solo exhibition in St. Barths which was  a dream come true; I met so many incredible people there. I designed earrings for Oradina, completed my first staging project, launched placemats,  and  I was able to solidify incredible deals that will come to fruition in 2021. I can’t wait for you to see my desk chairs, a  new rug deal, my incredible new porcelain tile collection with TileBar,  a puzzle deal with some real brain busters, and possibly my biggest career move yet, The Whale Building in New York where I will do all the art programming for half a million square feet. This is going to be one for the books! I also launched my new website this year and it’s so much easier to maneuver so make sure to check it out for all things ESC.

This year was extraordinary for new ventures because I hustle hard and make it happen. I will continue to push myself  because I know I have what it takes to succeed. The sky’s the limit for me. I have so much gratitude for all the people who believed in me and gave me new opportunities to prove myself. I’m proud of myself and the things I accomplished this year and I want to share them with you. Stay tuned because I have a lot of new and very exciting projects coming out! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful new year.

Highlights of 2020:

  1. Featured in Forbes article “Artist and Designer You Need to Know”
  2. My first Trade Show at Coterie for my fashion accessories
  3. New York Botanical Gardens Orchid Dinner
  4. Presented Pitbull a portrait at the Armani Fashion Show
  5. Launched my podcast Success by Design
  6. Goodwill Coloring Books Launched for Covid
  7. New York Times article “While at Home, Let’s Color the World”
  8. Honored to be speaker for the Her Campus virtual graduation
  9. Commissioned for George Floyd Compassion Painting
  10. Broke into top 200 Entrepreneur Podcasts
  11. Eden Rock St Barths Collaboration
  12. 550 Staging Project
  13. Completed Blatt Billiards Pool Table
  14. WLNY’s TV Wake Up With Marci Mother’s Day Interview
  15. Town and Country Magazine “COVID-19 Relief”
  16. Architectural Digest Pro “NYC’s Concrete Jungle”
  17. Afar Magazine “My 5 Favorite Ways to Travel Virtually”
  18. Yahoo Finance “The Vibrant Public Swimming Pool”
  19. HOLR “NYC Pop Artist Creates Mothers Day Coloring Cards”
  20. Guest of a Guest “Color is a Way of Life”
  21. Gensler Architecture
  22. JWE Webinar
  23. Bari Lynn Licensing Deal
  24. Raynor Group Chairs Deal
  25. Galaxy Glass and Stone mirrors
  26. Bella Magazine cover
  27. Frette Collaboration
  28. Launched Placemats
  29. 1212 Lincoln Road Event
  30. Israel Business Week Interview
  31. Oradina Earrings