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I can’t believe my podcast, the Elizabeth Sutton podcast, Success By Design, launches tomorrow. Over a year in the making, with moments when I wasn’t sure if it would come through, I feel both excited and extremely nervous. Over the course of my career, I have taught myself, confronted, and tackled many challenging and new endeavours. From teaching myself how to paint, to building a brand and learning the science behind social media, to learning to make, manufacture, and distribute a product, to learning how to run a business, amongst many other things, developing this podcast has possibly been the most difficult.

Though I’m used to being interviewed all the time, I never truly appreciated how much work went into developing a podcast. I had never done anything of the sort before, but my incredible producer, Vinnie Potestivo, MTV, Bravo, and A&E’s former talent development executive, taught me and held my hand through the entire process. Vinnie has been in the media and entertainment industry for decades and has produced dozens of hit shows many of you have seen. I was introduced to him through my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Tobi Rubenstein, of The House of Faith N Fashion. Over the years, I’ve been approached by a variety of reality TV shows that either never panned through or weren’t the right message I wanted to promote. I need to grow my name around the world so that I can spread love through my art and continue making a career of my passions but it needs to be done so in the right forum and with the right message. Vinnie suggested a podcast. Vinnie felt I had a strong and genuine voice that, in today’s day and age of fakeness on social media, needed to be heard more. So he took me under his wing and began helping me develop my podcast. I wanted to focus on two things – my resilience and entrepreneurship. The development of the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast, Success by Design was a journey. It began alongside Vinnie, Tobi and Debbie Mezrahi, my grief counselor who came into my life after the accident. My amazing Instagram followers contributed heavily. I put up votes as to what my podcast should be called – and I listened… Success by Design won over and over again on my polls and I personally love the double entendre. I asked my followers what topics they wanted to hear me speak about, and we made lists and lists. We wanted to tell my story but at the same time, to figure out a way not to make it too invasive for my own personal life (my Instagram gets a bit much for me at times and though I am strong and thick-skinned, I am not completely immune to people’s chatter.) Finding the balance was a challenge. After a TON of meetings, efforts, outlines, and teamwork (with the help of many interns and assistants), we got ready to launch. We started with one format and we recorded a number of episodes at Stand Up NY. After listening to it, I decided that for the sake of my own life, I needed to make it less personal. A ton of people’s time and effort went down the drain. I did not feel confident in what I was doing. There were definitely a few months I did not think the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast, Success by Design would actually launch, after tons of effort on behalf of many people. The whole process was challenging. Getting used to the recording process, doing tons of scripting and research, finding guests, etc, while at the same time still figuring out the careful balance between personal and business. The purpose of my podcast is to motivate and inspire positivity through creativity, resilience, hustle, and kindness. I wanted to incorporate my life experiences, because that is the only expertise and authority I have, while making the format a sustainable model through which I could incorporate other interesting guests who have been through their own enlightening experiences.

We came up with the following format:

I’d open the podcast with my own thoughts on a particular subject matter, and then I’d have an incredible guest join me to further discuss the topic from their point of view.

It took me a few episodes to get more comfortable. You will see. I’m a little stiff in the first couple of episodes, not going to lie. It is completely nerve-wrecking talking to a microphone, relatively unscripted, for 4-7 minutes straight without messing up and while staying on track and interesting. It is VERY different than Instagram or my blog.  It is also the first time I’ve ever interviewed anyone, as opposed to being on the opposite side of the camera. It is NOT easy. Podcasts involve a ton of research, scripting, preparation, editing, revising, re-recording, and mixing and this is all stuff I had NO clue about. It was an adventure to learn. But one of my favorite things in life is to learn – if I’m not learning I’m not living. So even if I am feeling a dot insecure about it all, endeavors like this are how I challenge myself in my life in order to grow, get better, wiser, and stronger. So cheers to the launch!!!

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I can’t wait to learn from all my future interesting guests I will be sure to interview on my podcast. I can’t wait to see where this will evolve to and grow, because I’m certain it will change A LOT. I do hope to hear a lot of feedback from you guys – constructive please. I am open to criticism, but I am asking you to also be mindful and kind. Drop comments below, or if more private, e-mail my team at podcast@elizabethsuttoncollection.com as we would love to hear.

I need to give the MOST HUMUNGOUS THANK YOUs to everyone who helped me get the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast, Success by Design this off the ground. Vinnie Potestivo, my producer, Tobi Rubenstein, my spiritual mentor, Tunie Mizrachi, my right hand, Rachel Goatley, my graphic designer, Debbie Mezrahi, my grief counselor, Dani Zoldan for letting us record in his studio, and my digital/SEO team The Social Formula for helping me digitally prep for it all. Also a huge thank you to my interns for helping with the entire process.

And on that note, I am SO EXCITED TO BE LAUNCHING MY FIRST 3 EPISODES OF ‘SUCCESS BY DESIGN’ TODAY. Thank you to travel guru Jack Ezon of Embark Beyond, famed popstar Tiffany, and PR & influencer marketing king Mike Heller of Talent Resources for being my first guests. Can’t wait for you to tune in and hear what these brilliant and incredible entrepreneurs have to say and looking forward to have you tune in each week!!!!!!!!!


  1. So excited to listen during my walk today!!! 😘

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