Celebrating Women

March is all about women. It started from the first women’s marches to gain rights to vote and equal pay, and now, over a hundred years later, everywhere around the world we set time aside to mark International Women’s Day. Therefore, we want to talk more about what it is to be a woman and what we can do to show our gratitude to all women around the world. And how better to find out than to have an open conversation with a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur.

With March being all about women, what will you do to celebrate women?

I try to always celebrate women. I don’t think we should just be celebrated in March. I think it should be celebrated every day.

How do you feel as a woman artist?

I don’t think I feel any different as a woman artist than I would feel as a male artist.

How has being a woman helped you realize your potential as an artist?

I am much more able to tap into my emotions through my art which is something that perhaps many men feel hard to do. My art has helped me heal through a lot of emotional pain.

Do you find inspiration in other women and their art?

I would say I find inspiration more from some female interior designers, I don’t so much browse art for inspiration as much as I do interior design. I love Cara Woodhouse, Michelle Gerson, Vanessa Deleon, Stacy Garcia, and Kelly Wearstler.

Has art and design helped you connect to other women?

Absolutely. Most of my followers on Instagram are women who are currently going through or have gone through similar experiences as I have from miscarriage to divorce to being a working mother, trying to balance it all. Additionally, when I find a confident and strong woman who wants to support me in business, I try to develop relationships with those gems when I find them.

Do you think that women artists are represented (enough) in media today?

Absolutely not. Supposedly there are only 300 or so female artists on Wikipedia. Is that normal??? But I don’t think there is inequality for just female artists, I think there is inequality for females on the whole in this world. Take me for example. When I achieve things and go after what I want I’m called aggressive, whereas they’d call any man bossy.

Being a woman, in what is still a man’s world, is definitely a challenge. We do not have it easy, even though we try to make it seem so. As a collective of powerful women, we go through double what would men go and work twice as hard to show our worth. For this to change, we need to lead the change for future generations. We need to talk more, share, and support each other.

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