Miami Manicures

Brand Yourself. When It Comes To My Most Important Beauty Routine - My Manicures. Elizabeth Sutton Collection Lifestyle Blog.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to brand yourself and I take those opportunities very seriously, especially when it comes to my most important beauty routine – my manicures. My hands are on camera all day long as I paint, yet with all the artwork I do, I keep my nails pristine. Why is this tradition so sacred to me?

 I have  been getting manicures every weekend since I was three years old with my grandmother, Honey Rackman a”h, the most amazing person on the planet in my eyes. She epitomized grace, beauty, elegance, compassion, and kindness. And each Friday, we went to Steli’s in Brooklyn for a manicure. As a little girl, every manicurist and the women selling jewelry doted over my grandmother when she walked through the door… And that is perhaps why I am so obsessed with religiously maintaining my manicures. I literally feel naked without a manicure.

Manicures are a whole new level of art and nails are the blank canvas, a very small one to say the least. Yet I somehow still manage to pack them in with tons of detail – sometimes using as many as 22 colors (sorry, Nataliia). When I moved down to Miami I was set on finding a nail salon that can bring the most epic nail designs to life; not only do I create art, but I want to be wearing it as well. I am so happy that I found the best manicurist ever in Miami – Nataliia at Paint Nail Bar in Aventura. She keeps my nails healthy, strong, beautifully coiffed, perfectly filed, and extremely colorful. I asked her if I was her most or least favorite client since I’m so annoying and crazy with my designs – I was kind of shocked she said her most favorite, especially because I’m always on my headset simultaneously on conference calls nicely barking at people, as 2 hours (which is how long it takes to do my crazy designs) is a lot of time to dedicate towards a manicure without being additionally productive.

Luckily, Paint Nail Bar Aventura offers its clients mimosas to enjoy while getting their manicures, so I can semi-relax. We always go ham on my nails and use my art (and the amount of time I have) or my mood as inspiration. Paint Nail Bar also hosted an ESC for a pop up and you can currently go check out my clutches in store for purchase. Check out Paint Nail Bar for insane nail inspiration and give them a visit if you’re in Miami. They are literally the best. On time. Clean. Awesome color selection. Exceptional technicians. Great service. And they serve beverages. What more can you ask for from a manicure place?