Travels which inspired my artwork

I grew up blessed and have been traveling my entire life. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from my travels. In my adulthood, traveling has become an essential part of my mental health, but more importantly, one of the greatest sources of my inspiration. There is something special about wandering off into the unknown and accustoming briefly to the local way of life. Like a journey into a fairytale in which I am the main character and a brief escape from my chaotic life.

I go on vacations every 3-4 months, as it is my way of saying to myself – “Woman, take a break!” Holidays help me decompress from my hustle of life, as an extra-full time working, single mother. Booking exciting trips helps me maintain my motivation to push through my 120-hour work weeks. My modus operandi is as follows – work like a dog, travel, get home, book another trip to look forward to, and work like a dog again until I count down the 3-4 months until my next heavenly trip. 

My vacays are typically not the sleep-relax-slow down kind of trips, but rather the daring, thrilling types of adventures, as I am a secret adrenaline junkie and I have little time for adult fun in my daily life. Few things make me happier than trying new experiences and widening my horizons. This type of open-mindedness has helped me grow on all segments throughout my life – as a friend, mother and entrepreneur.

Now, I use my travels as one of my main sources of inspiration for my artworks. As a single mother on a budget, my travels are my splurge moments, where I allow myself to indulge from all my hard work. I choose to paint photos from my trips that are particularly memorable, as these paintings often take 300+ hours and are created with love. Essentially, my artworks have become somewhat of a travel diary.

Follow along to see all the behind the scenes – my activity itineraries, outfits, photo diaries, and overall inspiration gained, and lessons learned. My journeys are not to be missed.

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