A Walking Piece of Art

It is amazing how influence of society manipulates the way individuals act, think and behave. People are ready to change their personal beliefs, ideas and actions to meet the demands of a social role or group. This is saddening, but true. Social influence is all around us and most of us encounter it daily. We are influenced by what people think of us, what they say about us and how they conceptualize us.

Society shapes our personal development on so many levels. From our body shape, style, and gestures, to our complete way of life. This is especially true for pre-teens, teens and young adults under 30. Their immaturity and lack of life experience leads them to believe all the perfect images they see in media are real.

Any deviation from the “socially acceptable image” gets labeled as eccentric, and in most cases, these people are known as outcasts. The way this strong societal scrutiny affects a person, solely depends on their character, self-confidence and emotional strength. They can either accept to be different and hold their head high with pride or fall under the influence of society and eventually change.

My guest on episode 8, A Walking Piece of Art, of the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast, Success by Design, is Lamar Sanchez, an iconic fashion artist. He is literally a walking piece of art, aka. Legend already made. Lam is one of the most vivacious, unique, individual and inspirational people I’ve ever met, a true artist that creates art through his outfits. His idiosyncratic style has always been a way of expressing himself to the world. His creative skill and imagination has made everyday a new day to be the conspicuous master of art that he is. But because of his eccentric fashion sense and versatility, Lamar had been often called names, pointed at, judged and labeled. He has been called all sorts of things like special ed, a clown, outcast, when really he is just a kind, inspirational, positive and supportive human being. Through his confidence and motivational speeches, Lam has been able to inspire and motivate so many people around the world and make a true impact. He refuses to change, because expression of character through fashion is in his blood.

Listen to Legend Already Made, to hear his thoughts on social influence.

Can you introduce your larger than life, fashion, artist personality?
Besides being a fashion artist, I am also an actor, musician, celebrity host, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, salesman and consultant. I’m a lot of things.

Where do you come from, what was your upbringing like?
I was born in Belize City. My Mom and Dad wanted my brothers and I to get a better education, that’s why we migrated to America. We lived pretty good in Belize. We grew up on my grandma’s farm, playing in water, catching crabs, swimming, eating exotic fruit, really humble. Even though we had all we needed, our parents never gave us all we wanted.

What was your transition to America like?
It was pretty scary because the first thing I saw when I got to Texas was a car on fire. Being in a third world country, all they show you of Houston on TV are horses and ranches which is far from reality. I didn’t even think big building existed anywhere other than New York. I didn’t speak the language, so I’m so thankful I had a great cousin who taught me how to speak slang and fit in. At first I hated the entire experience because they tried to label me as “special ed”, only because I didn’t speak English. In time, I learnt the language and it all went uphill from there.

Can you tell my audience how we met?
I was at the One Hotel with my brother and a friend and as soon as I went outside a girl walked passed me with a gang of girls. I was like damn, who’s that and you, Elizabeth, kept asking “who are you, who are you?” I introduced myself as Legend already made and you were like “I love your style, tomorrow come to my show. I am in a rush right now, get my number, this is my contact, I love your style, I am Elizabeth Sutton, I have a show tomorrow, we are going to make a lot of money together.” And you were gone like the wind. Of course I had to get to the show, I had to be part of the juice!

What do you do, who is your team, what does your typical day look like?
My team is Walk away smiling, my brother who captures all my recordings, documentaries, events which I host, and all my motivational speeches. And Lidos is my publicists, he is the one that gets me in all these beautiful places and helps me meet all these beautiful people that I need to be meeting and just helps me connect because he knows everybody in New York and pretty much everywhere around the world.

Can you tell my audience a little bit about your checkered, fur outfit right now?
One of my photographers, Michelle Hill, she found it for me. Inside there’s a bad word which makes it even more cool. This is a Victorian ruff which I got personally made for me. My top hats are custom and the whole look is unique.

How can we bridge a gap between businesses that are black and white owned and taste and predilections?
I am lucky enough to work with both. White people love me. People just need to be open minded, original and include each other, have conversations, be themselves.

I saw a video that you posted on Instagram with you and your team and somebody basically called the cops on you saying there was a clown roaming the streets. How did that make you feel?
I go by four agreements. Agreement number two says, don’t take anything personally, nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dreams. When you doom to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t have needless suffering. The Great Correcta Skott King said hate is too great a burden to bare. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated. I just put it out there for my audience to see what is going on. I’ve learned to be tough and confident with who I am.

Keep listening to the eight episode of the Elizabeth Sutton podcast, Success by Design, called A Walking Piece of Art, to find out what Lamar Sanchez thinks about the Black Lives Matter movement, his upcoming projects and his thoughts on life in general.

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