Be Your Own Boss (Ari Zoldan)

Starting with the process of employment, you need to find out what works best for your employees. Giving them the tools to work as a team, on their own terms, and in the best possible environment is the key to success. The details are not that important, the only thing that matters is the result. The key is to find a way to manage everything, so that your entire team stays on the same path with the collective goals in mind.

How is the pandemic affecting the works space now? Is it harder or easier for everyone to work from home, having your family around? Maybe this is a new way to stay motivated, and improve your tolerance level, so that you can take up new challenges and expand your business. Is it a blessing in disguise?

What is success for an entrepreneur? How is success defined? Is it financial stability, self-fulfillment? How do you define it? True success is being able to pay for your needs, not wants. Going to bed every night knowing that you did something good for the world, even if it is, objectively, only a small thing.There is no such thing as failure. There are just things that didn’t work out how you planned.
You have to look at it in another way. When one door closes, another one will open.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Ari Zoldan – husband, father of three. A serial entrepreneur, CEO of Quantum Media Group, LLC, who started his career in Telecom, but later founded his own firm that mostly does B2B. A big contributor to Fox News, CNN, CNBC. Born and raised in New York City.

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