Stacy Garcia is joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton. She gives a great example on how to stay creative, innovative

Commitment and respect (Stacy Garcia)

Constantly creating, innovating in the field of design, and producing quality product takes commitment and a drive that is nothing less than superb. Leaving an imprint on the design world means hard work, dedication, and ambition to turn your ideas into something that will create revenue and at the same time please yourself as an artist and a manufacturer.

Seeing the work you put in come to fruition, giving it an identity and a personal stamp, gives you a sense of fulfillment. Successive originality in crafting refined works of design is what every artist strives for. Also, business talk between industry companions shouldn’t be forgotten and put off the table. People are there to empower each other and help grow by sharing experiences.

In today’s podcast, up and coming designers will hear great advice, from an industry expert, on how to protect their intellectual property and how to manage costs when it comes to patents and licensing. A problem known only to those who have dealt with it in the past. 

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is a veteran designer. Her name is Stacy Garcia, a wife and a mother of four children; she currently resides in New York City. A very strong-minded and decisive person whose creativity you will admire. Her business ventures, accolades, and achievements speak for themselves. We have the honor to listen to the advice she gladly shares.

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