Joining Us Today On Success by Design With Elizabeth Sutton is Christy Whitman - a Wife, Mother of Two. Christy Whitman Podcast.

Conscious power (Christy Whitman)

Inner strength is something that leads you onward. This means you can tap into that mindset of you being the creator of your majestic self. Of course, you need the right tools, and the desire to actually accomplish that. However, people still have struggles with their emotions and wishes. They feel unbalanced and often unhappy. Especially at these times with isolation and quarantine.

Having no judgments about others and being at peace with yourself and your actions takes courage, and most of all, time. Turning your envy into admiration about someone else’s success or well-being, as well as, comparing yourself to others is what comes from within. Subtle mindfulness, self-awareness, and every spoken word is the key. This creates energy that can only result in the growth of your surroundings.

Positivity, being kind, moving in flow with nature, and maintaining your strong “I”, provides you with a different perspective on things, furthermore affecting what you can accomplish. Knowing that you are the creator of your own universe helps you manage your feelings. At the same time, you gain power allowing things that you don’t have control over to be as they are, gives you power.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Christy Whitman – a wife, mother of two, who is currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Christy Whitman is a prominent figure in the world known for her outstanding work as a life/energy coach. She inspires you to take matters into your own hands. Also, to be aware of your actions. In our interview, you can sense how fearless and strong she is. Along with her empowering words and positive thoughts. Her wisdom and her understanding of life is something you will enjoy listening to.

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