Episode 4: The World of Female Entrepreneurs

Success never comes easy, especially for female entrepreneurs. In the world of business, history has shown that women have always had a tougher time climbing the ladder. Beautiful, motivated, young and intelligent women are usually a threat, and more often get asked out then offered a job. That’s just reality.

In today’s technology advancing world, female entrepreneurs have to prove their worth and master their skills so that no one can question their work. Working hard and delivering results in any industry, goes a long way.

There are so many powerful businesswomen who were housewives, maids, stay-at-home pretty Moms that simply got tired of their same-old lifestyle. By coming up with a genuine idea or perfecting a talent, flying high and striving for greatness, they made an empire. And this is just an example.

Entrepreneurship is tough though, often scary at times. In order to succeed, the most important thing for women is to believe in themselves and the product or service they are offering the market. They have to work hard and problem-solve. The reward in the end is worth every bit of hustle and struggle. Dreaming big and stepping up can truly be life-changing.

In order to gain perspective on this matter and learn some tips on establishing a business, I invited Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer to guide us along their entrepreneurship path. Stephanie and Courtney make up the Entreprenista duo as co-founders of Socialfly, a well-known NYC based social media agency.

Listen to Courtney and Stephanie, the Entreprenista duo, to hear their voice. 

How did you start Socialfly?
Courtney: We started Socialfly ten months before we officially quit our jobs. This was 8 years ago. I had just moved back to New York, and taken a job with American Express which I quickly realized was a job that I didn’t want anymore. I had the wish to get out of finances and do something I really enjoyed, such as social media marketing. I shared that with Stephany who was in search of a business partner at the time, and we started networking after work, trying to figure things out. We spread the word quickly, calculated our goal revenue and signed a number of clients right away. We were basically profitable from day one because we were scrappy, without any real expenses but our time.

Were you afraid to quit your stable job and start your own business?
Stephany: I was not afraid because I am kind of fearless and I always had a true belief that we would make it and nothing would stop us.
Courtney: I was really cautious at the time, because I am generally cautious. I had a back-up plan, should we not hit the revenue we set out for.

Since you are motivated and beautiful women, was it ever hard to be taken seriously?
Courtney: Actually, it was pretty difficult to be taken seriously especially because we were so young. Our potential clients had a lot more experience and were a lot older than us, so it was kind of intimidating to advise them on their social media marketing strategy. It took a few years for people to start trusting us. We really had to work hard and drive results so that people could have faith. But on the hand of being a female working with a male, I must be honest, I did get hit on through the years, I even got a marriage proposal.

Do you feel less threatened as a duo?
Stephanie: Yes. There were nicknames we were often and we still get called such as “Girls” and it really bothers me. We support each other, so yes, it’s easier.

Can you give brands some advice? How can they get started, what should they pay special attention to?
Courtney: For anyone starting a business, the first step is to set goals- what is goal of your social media (i.e. drive leads, brand awareness, build relationships with customers)? In relation to the goal, it is important to figure out the target audience in order to define the platforms to be used. The next point is content strategy creation for each platform. To approach this, the value of the brand and its benefit towards the chosen target audience needs to be clearly defined- why consumers should follow the brand and what type of content will spark their attention.

Social media takes a lot of time and, in reality, is a full-time job.

Keep listening to the fourth episode of the Elizabeth Sutton podcast, Success by Design, called The World of Female Entrepreneurs, to find out which strategies brands are using on social media right now (ref. to Covid-19), the projects Socialfly is working on during this time, whether Courtney and Stephanie are shifting their business model during quarantine and their plans in the near future.

Keep in tune for episode five on Success by Design, podcast by Elizabeth Sutton.

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