developing a career out of creativity

Episode 7: Developing a Career Out of Creativity

Turning a passion or talent into a career, means living a dream. Spending your entire life making money from something that makes you happy, something that you love, is the most fulfilling feeling in the world.

But the road to success in the creative industry is not as easy and straightforward as it may seem. Glam and fame comes with a lot of failure and disappointment.

Becoming an entrepreneur of talent  involves sacrifice, hustle, networking, asking for help, promoting work, and constantly pushing forward, never giving up. Setting long and short term goals is a huge part of the process. Believing in yourself, your work, your worth and your success is essential for pushing through. Unstable income, poor working conditions and fierce competition are just some of the difficulties creatives must overcome in order to live their dream.

The phrase “Struggling artist” definitely exists for a reason.

I, myself, picked up a paintbrush four and a half years ago for the first time in my life. Never had I thought I could paint, let alone become an artist. At that time my husband and I had financial problems and could not afford a piece of artwork for my son’s nursery, so I decided to create one. I posted my creation on Instagram, people reached out and long story short, that is how my career began.

Since then it took a ton, literally a ton of hard work, hustle and help from various people to get to where I am today. What I’ve learned about being a creative entrepreneur is that every industry in the world requires talented professionals. There are infinite and ample solutions for creatives across every market.

Joining us today on the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast, Success by Design is Shane Anderson, a creative entrepreneur, who made a successful career at the age of only 23. This young, talented and well-known photographer will give our listeners insight into what inspires his work and how he build the founding blocks of his entrepreneurship path.

Listen to Shane Anderson to learn from his experiences.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I was raised in Kansas City and I’ve been a creative and artist for as long as I can remember. I was a classically trained musician, doing multimedia, art and painting, so photography was just a natural progression.

How did you start your business as a photographer?
It was simply something I knew I wanted to do. I shot lots of family portraits and lifestyle photos in my late teens, as there is not much room for creativity and fashion in the mid-west. My business started then, and as I began to exploit my artistic side it translated into what I do now.

Which tools have you utilized to get your name out there?
Social media has a big impact on the modern business landscape for creatives. It is very easy to find people you can connect and network with. One person may know ten other people who can help your career develop and grow. Being kind, sending a message, asking for help, goes a long way.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I think experience gives light to a lot of artistic expression. I have spent time in really bad environments, shot in bad circumstances, these are the types of things which are inspirational – the moment when worry turns to wonder. A lot of my work is dark, mysterious and moody but there is also a certain bit of whimsy and lightness to it. If you solidify these things they become a part of you and instead of expressing them and living through them, artwork can be a really good way to channel them.

What are you working on now?
I have recently been working on a more philosophical educational project, based off my travels and experiences, but also I always have a whole bunch of editorial projects I express my creativity with. I had a few come out recently and a few more are coming out in the next weeks, kind of dark, mysterious and still a bit bright.

What is you dream?
In terms of how I see my lifestyle, three years from now I would like to be producing and shooting most of my content in-house. Within my free time I would like to be going back to my roots, documentary and travel, and maybe turn these documentaries into other projects like books or storytelling.

Keep listening to the seventh episode of the Elizabeth Sutton podcast, Success by Design, called Developing a Career Out of Creativity, to find out where Shane has been drawing his inspiration from during the pandemic, whether he had mentors who helped him along the way and which other type of photography he plans to get into.

Keep in tune for episode eight on Success by Design, podcast by Elizabeth Sutton.

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