If The Shoe Fits

In many ways, the key to building a homogeneous society is through assimilation. It is the idea that being a cohesive unit with one’s thoughts, beliefs and culture are the gears that keep the machine working. Anything outside of this is seen, oftentimes, as othered. This is the reality of many homosexual men and women who chose to break the mold by stepping outside the box and embracing who they believe, they truly are.

Although there has been a gradual shift in society to become more aware and accepting of homosexuality, such as the historical ruling by the Supreme court which grants the gay community the opportunity to be married legally in the eyes of the law, there is still a vast majority of the society, especially those with a deeply religious background, that are hesitant to accept this sub-community. These are the people who often associate homosexuals with the stereotypical notion of promiscuity and waywardness, which causes them to believe that the homosexual community is incapable of being healthy and productive members of society. It sometimes even boils down to the complete obliviousness of the fact that someone they know or love could ever be gay.

As a result of this, many gay individuals choose to remain in the closet, to avoid discrimination, criticism and disappointing family members. This pressure to assimilate to the heterosexual norms typically causes a type of identity crisis that members of the gay community struggle with but are unable to seek guidance due to the fear of be chastised.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton, is Ritch Erani. Originally from a Jewish community in Brooklyn, he is a father of twins, a husband and an entrepreneur. Erani started out as a salesperson with his brother and is now a very successful designer and owner of a boutique luxury shoe store in Lexington Avenue. He has owned several established retail stores called Chucky’s with celebrity clientele, from Britney Spears to Cindy Crawford. He then started his shoe line called Ritch Erani NYFC collection that has been worn by the likes of Madonna and Beyoncé, to name a few.

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