Innovate Your Creativity (Vinnie Potestivo)

It is most definitely true what they say ‘’Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’’. But the road itself can be quite bumpy. Finding true talent is a process that lasts years, and in many cases, it never ends. During life, people search and change directions in which they go while they constantly keep bettering themselves. Having a solution that will help you skip this phase is rather pointless because true success lies in the hustle.

Staying true to yourself, finding inspiration while staying graceful is no easy task. That is why you must genuinely believe in your goal and keep innovating your talent. At the same time, you must nurture other, more technical skills that will give you a stable foundation for building your brand. These skills will be a small portion of a bigger goal but they will provide the necessary structure for success.

Don’t forget that inspiration can come from the simplest things in your life. For that reason keep creating content, keep loving yourself and keep surrounding yourself with other creatives so that your true light may shine.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Vinnie Potestivo – talent development executive, media adviser, and content coach. He began his career on MTV as a talent and series developer and worked with many celebrities such as Beyonce, Mandy Moore, and Dj Clue. Now he uses his knowledge to help public figures and small businesses expand their audience online. Vinnie is the magic behind this podcast, a true friend, and inspiration.

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