It’s All About Respect (Rori Sassoon)

The way we see and interact with the world around us usually comes from what we have learned growing up. Our perception of the world is formed by our community and more so by our immediate family. Positive and negative behavior is passed onto us without us realizing it and we tend to search for individuals with the same or similar behaviors with whom we think we will connect. But some communities tend to have a more traditional mindset and by following those guidelines, we don’t learn who we are and what we like, or what we don’t.

The problem starts to arise when we are fully grown up and find ourselves in the real world. We notice that the behavior, thoughts, and most importantly the relationship that we have with ourselves, is potentially not healthy. Thus, we try to compensate for our flaws by being in meaningless relationships that don’t lead anywhere. This simply doesn’t work. But luckily for us, we can break the vicious cycle and work on ourselves so that we can be better for ourselves and others. Even though it takes time, hard work, sweat, and tears, the person that you work to become, comes out as a unique and kind individual that is ready to share the beauty of this world with another human being.

Joining us today on Success by Design is Rori Sassoon, a mother, entrepreneur, wife, and simply a gorgeous person. Rori is the head of an elite matchmaking business that she leads with her husband and helps match attractive and successful people. Throughout the years she has learned what it takes to build and maintain a successful relationship that she enthusiastically shares with her clients. In this episode, we explore how it is growing up in closed communities, learning to love and respect yourself and what it takes to have a healthy relationship. 

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