Jack of All Trades

To be an entrepreneur is to be, by nature, a jack of all trades. It is the idea that self-propelled business individuals are creative thinkers with either an innate or acquired sense of problem-solving. Entrepreneurs take the time to learn a unique combination of skill sets which they draw from, to maximize their productivity and assertiveness when overcoming the challenges of their field.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that they are never just one thing. They are in every sense, generalists rather than specialists, who play a myriad of roles over the course of their business ventures. Whether it be the accountant, the writer, the PR agent, the marketer all wrapped in one.

Instead of becoming the specialist, who could be in danger of limiting and stagnating oneself in the pursuit of perfection, the popular idiom highlights the need for entrepreneurs to be willing and able to maneuver freely in their interests and also have the creative freedom to pursue a successful business.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is one who wears many hats, Amanda Lauren. Originally from New York City, aka the Big Apple, on the upper Eastside. She is first and foremost a journalist/ writer, who is currently freelancing as an interior design expert writer for the very prestigious Forbes Magazine. Lauren is also a host on EverTalkTv and She is also engaging in an art collaboration with Art Sugar called the Hamptons collection. You can also learn from her new course she has recently launched called Pitch Pleased PR, with lessons on how to pitch yourself to journalists and publications.

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