No More Silents CEOs

How do you stand out in a world of shouting content?

We’re living in one of the most complicated climates we’ve ever known. A growing health crisis, a call for racial justice, and a polarized America that’s more divided than ever, are all changing the ways we communicate, market, and design.

When Covid-19 first hit the US, I realized I would need to dramatically shift my PR and communications strategy. For the first time, I felt pressure as a social media influencer to take a vocal stance on social issues. For the first time, I was under lockdown, unable to network and grow my business face-to-face. But that did’t stop me. 

Art has always been cathartic for me throughout the traumas of my life. But what would this new resilience look like in the face of such a volatile human climate? How will we continue to build our businesses and communicate through the noise of the busiest news cycle in memory?

My guest on this week’s episode of Success By Design, tackles these questions. Michael Kempner, founder and CEO of MWWPR, one of the biggest independent PR firms in the world, wears many hats and goes nonstop. A husband and dad of three, he not only oversees MWW, but also works in progressive politics, sits on multiple philanthropic boards as well as the board of American University, and founded ConnectOne Bank, one of the nation’s most successful community banks.

The man stays busy and moves money, but he’s also incredibly thoughtful and insightful. We spoke about the shift in content strategy that happened almost overnight, and what it’s like living in a moment where it’s critically important to be aligned with purpose. In Kempner’s words, “The era of silent CEOs is over,” and we explore what that means for brands, entrepreneurs, and marketing communications in this time of fierce division and limited reach.

Click here to listen to the ninth episode of Success By Design, with Elizabeth Sutton, titled No More Silent CEOs with Michael Kempner.

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