Stay in Your Lane (Elena Cardone)

Destiny is something we all crave to discover. It has been described in thousands of books, shows, and movies, but not a lot of people actually find their purpose in real life. On the other hand, there are those who have already seen their purpose but don’t know how to commit to it. Discovering one’s destiny is the ultimate life path, but sometimes, along that road, we can get lost and many of us struggle with asking for help. For that reason only, we need friends, people who believe in us and help us along the way. That is the thing that makes us stronger.

Going for greatness requires hard work, a team-oriented approach, and knowledge. Building your environment with these key elements is what will help you build your empire. A key component that no one should miss is the relationships we build with one another. And this goes both ways – being a part of the team and supporting your team members builds you and your brand. Sharing knowledge, empowering stories, visualizing your goals together is how we grow as people and become better. Collaboration leaves a positive legacy, the one that makes the world and tomorrow a better place. We can learn from each other and progress as a collective. As an old proverb says ‘’If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’’.

Joining us today Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Elena Cardone – mother, businesswoman, bestselling author, motivational speaker. The woman who simply built it all herself. But in her path, she has come across many hardships that she openly shows her wounds with pride and leads conversations on this topic because her scars and stories help people become the best version of themselves. Listen to this inspiring story and take responsibility to become greater.

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