The Currupt Truth: The Israeli Palestinian Conflict (Bassem Eid)

Even before the documentation existed, conflicts and wars have been a part of human history. Driven by many different reasons, including religion, economy, and various points of view, these conflicts will not stop existing only by the sheer power of will. History is filled with rivalry that is passed from generation to generation, spread around communities, and fed by misinformation. The roots of these conflicts seem to be forgotten and with the passing of time, many other countries, religions, and important people throughout history have joined different causes promoting their own points of view. In the world, as we know it today, with the power of social media and the Internet, news and misinformation tend to spread with the speed of light. In this disarray, it is hard to find unbiased facts in order to spread the power of real education.

Deeply wounded by the situation in the world and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I, myself try to find solutions and the best way to reach the people of power and influence. As a proud Jewish mother, I minister to spread love, compassion, and equality as well as the right for everyone to get a proper education and leave a better world for future generations. I strive to make a change and surround myself with equally optimistic people because I believe that as a community we can influence the state of the world.

Today on Success by Design joining us is Bassem Eid – a Palestinian human rights activist. He was born in East Jerusalem and spent his adolescence in a refugee camp. After seeing the injustice first hand he vowed to help his community and people by spreading awareness, education, and fighting for their rights. He devoted his life to the noble goal of helping those in need and established an organization to stop misinformation.

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