The Good, The Bad, The Social Media

In today’s world, everyone and everything is interconnected. Just by accessing the internet, we can communicate to close family members living miles away, or witness events and celebrities that we would never have had a chance to meet. It can be a wonderful and welcoming experience as you share and grow with other like-minded individuals. These bonds are priceless.

On the flip side, the internet can also be a challenging place to navigate, as to be expected, when more than one individual coexists in the same space. Conflicting views can arise and the urge to quell those who go against the grain is something that has become very prevalent in our society.

Joining us today on episode 10, The Good, The Bad, The Social Media, of the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast “Success by Design” are Elizabeth Savetsky and Katie Sands. We will dive into the positives of social media from the perspective of these women and the negative feedback that arises from the societal pressure to be something they are not. How do they overcome or ignore it? Let’s find out.

Katie Sands is a lifestyle blogger called Honestly, Kate, which focuses mostly on fashion and beauty. She is also an honor style expert and a mental health advocate, which is even more important now as we navigate this global pandemic and the social reform that is taking place after the BLM moment. Kate currently has her own show on Amazon live, which has been on the air for a few months.

Elizabeth Savetsky is both a social media influencer and Jewish activist who started a blog Accessories Expert in 2013. Over the years, she has slowly taken the job of bring awareness through activism such as being pro-Israel work as well as collaborating with different Jewish nonprofits. She is very passionate about supporting her fellow Jewish powerhouses, like our host Elizabeth Sutton. She is also a big advocate for the pregnancy loss and infertility community which often keeps her busy and on the go. She does all this while being pregnant.

Listen to Elizabeth and Kate’s views on the positive and negative sides of Social Media:

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