The House Of Faith And Fashion (Tobi Rubinstein)

Growing up we tend to overtake the teachings, thoughts, and ideas from our community and especially our parents. In these communities, it is hard to find your true authentic self and someone who is going to support the more ‘’unorthodox’’ transition that we go through as teenagers. Our true colors are often dimmed and we lose ourselves in the opinion of others.

Because of that, one of the most important things is to find the light and support within you. Going through life embracing our less perfect characteristics, that make up the light, can often be judged by the community we live in. Until we find other individuals who have gone through a similar process of growing up and with whom we can share our load, life can sometimes seem unbearable. In those times we can turn to ourselves and the creativity that we possess. Expressing your thoughts through classical art, design or writing can have a rather therapeutic sense. This can be our armor that helps us get through our daily lives.

Through introspection, we gain self-respect and the realization that we did the best we could. But all of this is not done until we learn how to forgive ourselves and others. Through forgiveness, we begin to heal.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is my dear friend Tobi Rubinstein, a female rabbi, Jewish mother, and a woman with a long career in fashion. Throughout her life, she has worked with many fashion brands including Victoria’s Secret and Nicole Miller. Her path has not been an easy one, but yet a rewarding one which she describes in her first book The House of Faith&Fashion, coming out in April. In her words, style and creativity I found my inspiration and she will continue to be my inspiration for many years to come.

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