The Monster in the Closet

It is time to change the sigma that is associated with victims of sexual assault. The term has always been seen as a taboo in society to speak up about the very real experience both men and women face. Sexual assault is the reality of many people today and it is unfortunate that their voices have gone unheard due to the fear of being blamed, casted out and shunned by the people around then. 

The effects of this experience can have a far-reaching impact on all aspects of their lives. For some, it closes them off from maintaining healthy relationships, it hinders communication and self-expression and adversely affects their self-esteem. As a result, they lack self-love and have a negative impression of themselves. Even worse, would be those who experience this in their formative years as this would have lifelong consequences on their development as was experienced by our guest.   

Join us today as we touch on this topic as our host and our guest explore the ways in which we can help them break the sigma and speak up about sexual assault. They will explain how they can use this experience to propel them forward in their adult lives.

Joining us today on episode 11 of Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is the original boss lady herself, Vanessa Coppes. She is an educator and owner of the successful and well known Bella Magazine. She was a teacher for over fourteen years. Originally from the Dominican Republic, where she lived until she was seven and also where she was sexually assaulted at the tender age of five years old.

Conect with Vanessa Coppes

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