To Go Above and Beyond (Cyril Ranque)

This last year taught us a lot. We have been through so much together, that we learned how to rely upon and trust one another. But if we could take one lesson out of this pandemic, it is how important a balanced life is. Mostly, this means balance between your work, family, and friends. A healthy mindset to manage the stress coming from the outside of the world. All of this used to be easier, especially when we could take vacations and travel around the world, meet friends in restaurants, bars, etc. But this past year has also taught us gratitude, an important part of a balanced life.

Having a balanced life becomes even harder when you are a boss. When you have a number of employees that are depending on you and your decisions. Striking a balance is hard and keeping your cool and being confident, even harder. It is only natural to go into panic mode when a crisis arises, but a true leader is known for his/her ability to communicate with employees and keep a healthy relationship with customers.

But this is nothing to shy away from. Being surrounded by people who are smarter than you, and have more experience is the best way for you to grow. How they learned to keep their head up through tough moments and how it got them to the positions they hold today. How hard work, going above and beyond for their dreams, taking risks, paid off.

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Cyril Ranque. He has been a president of the Expedia group for fifteen years now and before that, he has traveled the world with his family and business. When I first met him he completely mesmerized me and I am lucky to call him and his family, my friends. A person from whom I learn every day and the one who has the knowledge to make you, and me, a better boss.

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