Hey guys. I need your help, please. Actually, New York City needs your help. I am launching a Mother’s Day Campaign to raise funds for City Harvest New York. The campaign will consist of 5 downloadable, coloring Mother’s Day cards, for purchase for $3.50, with 100% of the proceeds going to City Harvest.

I’m setting a $10,000 goal but really I’d love to raise way more than that. Please help me get there! My coloring books got downloaded over 10,000 times for free. I only need to get about 3,000 downloads on these to reach (and hopefully exceed) my goal. Seriously appreciate your support.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the INCREDIBLE moms out there. Your job is harder now more than ever. And a serious round of applause and standing ovation to the moms working the front lines. I can’t imagine what that must feel like and the entire world is grateful and praying for you.

Once you’ve purchased your card(s), download the file(s).
When the file is open, select File > Print.

In the print settings dialogue box, make sure the following settings are selected:
Print on both sides, (select ‘flipped along short side,’ if the option is given)
Fit to page
Fold the card in half, and color away!
Trim the excess border around the card if you wish.
Use hashtag #ESColorChallenge if you choose post your artwork!