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I’m very interested in exploring optical illusions and using geometric abstractions to challenge the eye to look again, to look deeper, or perhaps to look in a different way. I feel that intent is at work in my general efforts as an artist, my hope is to create images that encourage their viewer to think, to reconsider assumptions, as I think that’s an incredibly important practice in life. I grew up in a very conservative community where often, things were to be taken just as they were, precisely because that’s how they’d been, and I’m interested in departing from that in my own activities and in what I put out into the world. The optical illusion at play in this particular image is reflective of that ambition, and I hope the work serves as a reminder to its viewer to constantly re-evaluate, to constantly question, to embrace the intricacy and look again, so as to maximize experience and not miss out on what fails to meet first eye and the joy of discovering that simply, there’s more.

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12" x 12", 24" x 24", 36" x 36"


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