Catch the Rainbow


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Nature’s butterflies bear in their intrinsic design the themes of symmetry, beauty and color — all qualities that, for Sutton, evoke balance, positivity and spiritual uplifting. As such, butterflies have become the trademark symbol of Suttons brand. This print is a gorgeous rendering of Sutton trying to balance the various aspects of her life and hold on to the preciousness that each moment brings. The individual array of the butterflies creates a harmonious piece, resembling the way we rise and fall, but ultimately become who we are because of those challenges. From living rooms to playrooms, offices, bedrooms, and more, this stunning artwork is a beautiful reminder to stop and appreciate the pieces of our lives, while never losing sight of a hopeful future. Edition size is 25.

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16" x 26", 24" x 40", 30" x 50"


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