Cruising In Cuba


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As an artist, I work to constantly challenge myself and overcome new obstacles and so I often approach my paintings as a problem in need of solving. This particular image, another from my Cuba series, proved difficult as I wasn’t entirely pleased with the photograph, but I believed it had great potential. I experimented with ratio and proportion and ultimately found myself thrilled with the result. And so in many ways this particular work represents not only the essence of my affection for the country, and the richness of my time spent there, but also the value in difficulty itself and the possibilities brought forth by seeming imperfection. This is an attitude, and a perspective, that informs everything in my life and work. Of course it’s difficult, and there’s often a temptation to abandon the effort, but this image gives form to the fact that sometimes, if you just stick with it, and embrace the unideal, see what’s missing or what’s incorrect as the source itself for inspiration, that’s what enables real dramatic growth both personally and creatively.

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