Versailles Gardens


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I’m endlessly inspired by the synthesis of design and nature and so when I found myself in Versailles’ beautifully landscaped exterior gardens, I discovered a sense a unique serenity amidst the craziness that felt like it had been encircling my personal life at the time. I knew this would be an ambitious photo to paint because of the sheer detail of the palace’s architecture but I was excited by the undoubtedly painstaking quality of the task that lay ahead, and somehow it felt rightfully suited as though it mirrored, in its own small way, the unprecedented labour that had gone into building the palace itself. This image for me stands as a testament to the healing quality of beauty and design, the serenity produced by the eye’s sensation of pleasure and satisfaction, and that is why I make artwork. My hope is that works enliven the spaces that they fill and can calm and uplift their viewers. It’s that spirit of positivity and satisfaction, in essence, that I aim to capture in photographs, transform in my painting, and share through my collection of prints.

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