Marc Fries
President, The Raynor Group
“Our partnership with Elizabeth Sutton represents an entirely new and unique approach to an important segment of our product category. While many products exist that target the residential home office market, most if not all, are merely adaptations of commercially focused designs. Elizabeth’s distinctive artistic style, design flair and larger than life personality, create a solid foundation on which to build a true residentially focused home office seating collection. We are excited to partner with Elizabeth on bringing her vision for this product category to life. Working with Elizabeth and her team has been a great experience for our entire team. They are very engaged in every aspect of R&D, strategic brand positioning and product presentation. They take responsibility for integral tasks in the product development cycle, and always complete them in a timely and efficient manner. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this awesome team effort.”
Kasper Garnell
Founder, Joe & the Juice
“Working with Elizabeth on our co-branded partnership for Art of Elysium in NYC was incredibly fun. Besides turning our flagship store on Spring St in Soho into an immersive pop-up gallery, she re-imagined our recognizable juice and coffee cups as eye-catching takeaway nouveau art pieces. I was impressed with Elizabeth’s hustle. If it’s possible, she will make it happen!”
Paola PuglieseElizabeth is a “perfect storm” between a content creator and a business woman: she’s full of energy, very collaborative, and really professional. We started to talk about a little collaboration before the pandemic, and she never lost her passion and commitment despite the difficulties. So finally we made it happen, and the wait was totally worth it: her art has been a great addition to our Madison Boutique, and the content created together to engage our social media followers set the examples for more projects to come. Thanks Elizabeth!
Heidi HorowitzScrolling through Instagram as one does ( i do) I found Elizabeth Sutton’s page showing her artwork and immediately called to set up a meeting with her at her studio. While there, i found a stunning original piece for my home that literally “spoke to me.” i had no place to hang such a large piece but i just had to own it! I also found while on my visit, amongst this amazing whirlwind of energy emitting from this studio the most incredible woman who today i am proud to call my friend. Over the years that I’ve known Elizabeth I’ve purchased a multitude of other items she produces such as some of my favorite handbags, prints as gifts and placemats ( i just received yet another re-order!) I now need another home to be able to decorate with her wallpapers, rugs, drawer pulls, napkin rings and the most beautifully patterned tile I’ve seen! On a personal level, i know first hand that all of that positive energy she consistently puts out to the world is completely genuine. She goes above and beyond to take the time to make sure to recognize her own hard work as well as that of her incredible team, the love of her friends, her dedication to her family, and to always have utmost respect for her customers who support her. I believe this courageous and talented young woman is only at the beginning of her career journey, making people like me smile every time i walk past that first piece i bought from her, as it now hangs front and center in my entry hall, right where it belongs.
Talya BendelI have been a fan of Elizabeth Sutton’s work since discovering her years ago. I fell in love with her art then and there. The first exhibition I went to of hers I knew I’d become a lifetime collector. As it stands, I have the complete Versailles print collection which is the essence of our home and creates an atmosphere of wonder, beauty, awe and delight. Much like the rest of her work. Her fine art is to be experienced not just seen. When Elizabeth dropped her prints collection I jumped to purchase. One of the amazing things about Liz and there are many, is her commitment to her clients and potential clients. She specifically creates for every price point so literally everyone can have a piece of her work. From being a client to working with Liz she is always a pleasure and wonderful. Wether it’s being in touch with her impeccable team or working out seamless deliveries and installs it’s done promptly, professionally and perfectly. Elizabeth runs her business like a well oiled machine and it shows, to her clients and anyone that meets her. I highly look forward to seeing what she continues to do because as she’s shown thus far, Elizabeth Sutton can do anything.
Pamela PekermanI spent two years staring at boring, naked walls, refusing to get art for the sake of art, or art just because it’s some family name-to-own. My husband and I wanted our home to be energetic, elegant and elevated with joy. We got that burst of joy via genius brush strokes, when we began to acquiring paintings from Elizabeth Sutton. Her color choices dance on our walls and make us, well, happy. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping T-rex color-coded like a bag of rainbow starburst candies, or it’s our show-stopping family portrait that lights up our living room, I am thrilled to own such gorgeous labors of love. What started out as 3 fluttering butterfly and bird theme painting for our library, has blossomed into 12, and counting, works of art throughout house. Each piece is meticulous, meaningful and elevates the everyday moments in our home.
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Sarah Boczko We are privileged to have a number Elizabeth Sutton’s pieces in our home. Each piece is unique, but they all share the common bond of energy that just jumps off the canvas. Liz’s artistic vision comes out in every one of her pieces: they each radiate beauty, creativity, color, life, and excitement.
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Gitty Birnbaum Elizabeth Sutton’s enthusiasm for life and the portrayal of it in her art is infectious ! Elizabeth is passionate about her art and it is reflected in her work. She passes this passion to you, the customer through her sought after pieces. I own several of Elizabeth’s artwork and would just like to say what a pleasure it is for me to recommend her. Her professionalism is outstanding. I wish her great success.
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Asher GottesmanWhen I saw Elizabeth’s painting with the statement this too shall pass I knew I needed it. Firstly the saying has had a huge impact on my personal life and has kept me in perspective. And all the more so when I found out how much Elizabeth has overcome that I felt both the physical beauty of the art itself I also felt the spiritual beauty.
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Anonymous “Liz has always been a star. Her talent shows in true form and perfection in everything she creates- from her accessory line that catches the eye of all my friends when I wear my bags, clutches, and belts, to how her gold butterfly drawer pulls literally turned boring designer furniture stylish, modern, and fun. The quality of her fine artwork and the amount of detail she puts into her paintings is beyond what most modern artists do these days. After my divorce, I purchased three of her colorful, animal print originals. They not only brought life and joy into the home, I redecorated the entire house based on these paintings and the home that was before dark, and dull turned into a bright, welcoming place I love to come back to. Liz doesn’t just create and sell art. Her work and the energy she puts into it creates positive energy and a breath of life for those who buy it.”
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Shani Kravetz
Interior Design Intern
Working for Elizabeth Sutton has been one of the best experiences. It’s exactly the type of opportunity I was looking for during my time in college. Hours are very flexible and I was always able to get work done in person or even remotely while still doing my college classes. I’ve gained hands on knowledge that you wouldn’t be able to get in any other internship. As an interior design intern I was given the task of project managing a million dollar Manhattan penthouse project with the help of Elizabeth. I was able to learn the behind the scenes of the business and design aspects that collaborate to create the amazing interiors that Elizabeth develops. No other internship will give that kind of opportunity and responsibility that will make your resume stand out in whatever career path you decide to follow. Elizabeth is an amazing boss who really cares about her interns. She makes sure her interns are constantly learning and developing their skills in every task they are given and is always there to help with anything they need.