Art Basel 2019

Elizabeth Sutton Solo Exhibition - Just Breathe

Sutton’s solo exhibition ‘Just Breathe,’ inspired by the most formative and tragic experience in her life, is in loving memory of Juan Salas Salazar, her dear friend and art assistant. On the last night of Art Basel two years ago, Juan was killed in a fatal accident in Sutton’s car, only moments after leaving her birthday party.

I’ve been through a lot of loss, but this particular experience was transformative. It gave me a sense of perspective more than anything else; that life can be taken in a sheer instant so you better pursue that which you love. The tragedy sent my whole life crumbling down after it had already crumbled, but I had no choice but to keep putting one foot in front of the other,” says Sutton. The accident significantly impacted the artist’s work through her expression of both painful and positive idioms, as Sutton began to heal through her art. Her healing process – the works curated in this show – are reflective of the emotions Sutton experienced as a result, prompting her to draw upon moments of depth that she found herself connected to. “I needed to surround myself with mantras as a reminder of the things I truly believed in. Ultimately, the best piece of advice I can give to others, but mostly to myself, is… ‘Just Breathe.’