Etz Ha'Chaim Reborn (with Butterflies)

$125.00 USD

‘Etz Ha’Chaim Reborn’ is Sutton’s artistic expression of the pain yet also expresses the hope she feels towards the October 7, 2023 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. A constant advocate for Israel, Sutton takes pride in her Judaism, her spirituality, and her connection to God. While advocating for Israel through her social media platform, she raised $15,000 towards Friends of the IDF, American Friends of Magen David Adom, and United Hatzalah of Israel, through her own personal donations and through the efforts and contributions of her Instagram community. This emotional and spiritual artwork combines elements that Sutton felt were significant, both tragic and happy, related to the war on Israel.

Sutton chose to include the Hebrew prayer for the soldiers as the backdrop for the painting. She highlights specific elements from the quote, including “by land, by air, and by sea,” as that is exactly how Hamas entered Israel. She highlights the words that Israel will be victorious, and that God protects soldiers of Israel. Additionally, she incorporated musical elements to memorialize the 260 plus people murdered at Israel’s Supernova Music festival, but also to signify our prayers. The three soldiers dancing to show our nation in unity and our heroes protecting our beloved homeland and the tree of life. Over 1,400 lives were taken, 3,000+ wounded, 220+ hostages, the  largest international hostage crisis in history. An entire nation emotionally and mentally broken. Sutton depicts the bottom branches of the tree of life on fire with no leaves. Leaves have fallen to the bottom and are depicted in gold leaf to honor their memory and red to mourn their loss. The leaves falling represent those wounded. Towards the top of the tree Sutton created a concentration of leaves in various shades of blue to signify how the nation of Israel will rebuild, always stronger and more united. And last but not least her multidimensional butterflies represent hope, transformation, and beauty. This is an open edition artwork. 40% of all sales will be donated to Friends of the IDF, American Friends of Magen David Adom, and United Hatzalah of Israel. 


Canvas Wrapped Print, READY TO HANG
  • This stretched canvas print is created using premium matte canvas 350 gsm and 1.25-inch 100% pine stretcher bars. The artwork continues on the sides, giving the canvas a finished look. Professionally stretched canvases are printed with latex inks that retain vibrant colors and resist intense humidity. Your piece comes ready to display, and includes a hanging hook. 
  • All elements such as Butterflies are 2D. 
  • All prints are made to order. This print is NOT LIMITED EDITION and DOES NOT INCLUDE A COA.
  • Prints expected to ship no later than DECEMBER 1st.

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