Brother to Brother, Heart to Heart

$958.00 USD

This beautiful and powerful painting captures the profound sacrifice and patriotism of a group of Israeli Defense Forces. The embracing soldiers share an emotional moment of pride, joy, and reverence in front of the sacred Western Wall in Jerusalem. The wall holds major significance as it is a reminder of Jewish trial and tribulation through the eras. The different colors represent individuals from all different walks of life who come together at this one wall to pray. The soldiers’ clasped hands signify their solidarity and commitment to the cause as they offer a glimpse into their purpose.
The metallic hues on their uniforms and vivid jewel tones on the wall evoke a sense of honor and respect for those who serve. This painting is a powerful reminder of courage and the strength of the human spirit of those who protect the people of Israel. It also holds personal meaning to Elizabeth who spent her summers in Israel, where Friday nights were spent at the Western Wall praying and watching the soldiers come to pray as well.

Product Details

Paper Prints

  • Limited Edition
  • Made to order
  • Printed on high quality fine art paper 
  • Glossy finish 
  • Handle with care to avoid fingerprints and creases 
  • Framing not including

Acrylic Prints

  • Metal backing with hanging mount
  • Printed on acrylic 
  • Wipe with a damp towel to clean 
  • No frame is necessary 

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